Trace Out 8/16
  • 16 Analog Outputs via Breakout Cable (RCA)
  • 4 S/PDIF Outputs via Breakout Cable (RCA)
  • Word-/Superclock Input optional
  • TDM-SyncBus
Technical Data
  • PCI 2.3 card, 32 Bit, 3.3V/5V
  • Analog Outputs
  • Sample frequency:
    6 ... 200 kHz
  • Sample format:
    8, 16, 20, 24, 32 Bit
    Mono / Stereo
    Surround 5.1
    Surround 7.1
  • Impedance:
    75 Ohm
  • Level:
    max. +7 dBu
  • Digital Outputs
  • Sample frequency:
    32 ... 192 kHz
  • Sample formats:
    8, 16, 20, 24, 32 Bit
    Mono / Stereo
    Surround 5.1
    Surround 7.1
  • Voltage: 0,5 Vss @ 75 Ohm
  • galvanically decoupled
Synchronization Sources
  • Wordclock/Superclock (optional)
  • Internal
  • TDM-SyncBus
Driver Suite
  • Windows™ 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server, Windows™ 7
    as 32-bit version each
    WDM Audio, DirectSound, GSIF2, MME, ASIO 2.1, MXAPI, Advanced Multi-Client Support


The TRACE OUT is a PCI audio system of the newest generation designed for the highest demands. By offering a through and through 24bit 192kHz signal flow it is the ideal solution for high-quality multi channel playback systems. The TRACE OUT A16 features 16 analog output channels and 4 S/PDIF outputs. The S/PDIF outputs can be operated in 2-channel-mode but also in 5.1 or 7.1 surround mode. Thus, the Trace OUT 8/16 features up to 48 playback channels.

Sophisticated and easy-to-use functionality allows stress-free operation of the system – for beginners as well as for professionals. Features and reliability have been prepared especially for discerning applications in the music studio, for broadcasting, television and theatres as well as on-stage and PA.

The main feature of the TRACE OUT is the high-speed hardware architecture especially designed for playing back numerous channels. This allows for data transfers with the lowest latencies practically without CPU load. Besides the DSP Mixer, which is completely integrated in the hardware of the card, it features the very handy card-spanning TDM-SyncBus. Apart from synchronously coupling several TRACE-systems, free routings of audio channels within the card union can be realized comfortably.

Like every member of the TRACE series the TRACE OUT marks up due to its easy installation and steadily controlled highest manufacturing quality. MARIAN grants a 5 year warranty.

Uncompromised Audio Quality

The hardware design was made especially for the robust and distraction-free multi channel playback. All outputs incorporate excellent technical parameters. In combination with an analog summing device the TRACE OUT becomes the first-choice partner for analog Mixing with a DAW (digital audio workstation) exceeding even the highest expectations of recording studios and broadcasting stations.

Powerful DSP Mixing

The digital mixer, which is completely integrated in the hardware, uses quick and flexible DSP functions and allows for latency-free mixing of all signals to several stereo sums. The mixer can be configured in many ways – all channel groups but also single mixer sections may be shown or hidden. Audio- and layout settings may be saved and loaded from snapshots and session files. (total recall)

All physical outputs as well as the TDM outputs of the system are managed in a separate window called "output control". It allows for single channels of the mixer, complex mix-signals or TDM input channels to be routed freely to any output of the system. Of course multiple assignments are possible.

Advanced multi client capabilities

The mixer offers 16 channels which are available to any audio application. In the output control you have additional 4 stereo channels for parallel multi client operation. This way the TRACE OUT appears as 24 channel audio device to any audio software. By making these channels available to different audio applications, two or more software sequencers, - samplers, -synthesizers or media player can run on one TRACE system without causing any device conflicts.

Handy TDM SyncBus

Up to four TRACE- and Marc- audio systems can be connected to a synchronous system using the hardware TDM SyncBus. Now not only the same reference clock will run, but also the sample exact start/stop synchronization of all connected in- and outputs is ensured. Thus up to four TRACE OUT could be combined to a system featuring up to 96 playback channels. All you need is a TDM SyncBus cable.

The card-spanning TDM SyncBus also allows for free routing of up to eight audio channels for all installed TRACE Systems. This is how single channels or complete sub mixes can be distributed to any other TRACE system. A TRACE compound with inputs and outputs of any type – analog or digital – can thus be used as router, patch-bay, converter or splitter, allowing for e.g. external effect units to be integrated zero-latency stile and available to all other cards. All in all this is a full size modular audio system combining various connection types.

High speed driver suite (with Advanced Multiclient)

The TRACE Out 816 provides a complete driver suite for Microsoft Windows. The continuosly improved, multi client enabled drivers for ASIO 2.0, GSIF 2, MME, WDM (Kernel-Streaming and non-emulated DirectSound) guarantee ultra low latencies for all software enviroments. The clear and handy driver dialogues ensure the display of all inputs and outputs as well as the adjustment of many parameters (e.g. exact levelling and flexible monitoring). A special status display allows the visual control of the current clock adjustments.

Additional Information
Marian Technologies
  • MARIAN TRACE Highspeed Hardware Architecture
  • Ultra Low Latency Design (CPU Transfer Relief)
  • HighSpeed Driver/MultiClient
  • MARIAN TDM SyncBus (Modular MultiCard Design)
  • Integrated Hardware DSP Mixer with Total Recall
  • Start/Stop Synchronization of all channels
  • Zero Latency Monitoring
  • Realtime Hardware Level Meters
  • MARIAN Digital Status Display
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