Live on tour with reggae superstar Gentleman and the FAR EAST BAND.


Gentleman concerts are outstanding events. The exceptional artist not only filled big halls in his last years tour across Germany. The national tour was completed by a successful European tour and concerts around the globe, e. g. in the USA.

Gentleman is accompanied by the FAR EAST BAND, formed by musicians from Leipzig, Cologne and Berlin. The band members also contributed some Riddims to Gentlemans bestselling album "Confidence".

Band and artist are long-term workmates and appreciate each other. The understanding reaches far beyond the music and is the basis of an unique live performance. At any time artist and band are able , to fill the ambitious songs with an unbelievable level of energy, which suddenly releases in the refrains, sharing the positive spirit with the audience.

Andreas Wendland - the Far East Bands guitar player - introduced the UCON CX to the band. He continuously discovered new applications. Originally planed for his mobile laptop studio and some simple live recordings only, the UCON qualified itself as an universal tool. Field-tested in the tour soundchecksfor monitoring control and in the final live performances the compact multi talent became a credible attendant during the whole tour. It was also used, to record some unforgettable concerts. Spontaneous hotel room sessions were recorded directly into the mobile notebook studio help of the UCON. The combination of UCON, microphon and notebook proofed to be particulary suitable for voice recordings.

The UCON worked reliable without dropouts or technical troubles. The easy handling - two switches with colored LEDs for phantom and power, easily accessible preamp inputs on the front - allowed a relaxed working. Especially the combination inputs on the front site, supporting XLR and usual jack plugs, were an significant advantage.

Furthermore the internal UCON hardware mixer allows a flexible realtime monitoring and routing for any live or studio setup. Most practical: Different mixer sums and a phones output with adjustable gain..

The Sound! Andreas Wendland is enthusiastic about the sound of the internal UCON converters. Compared to his former audio converter, the UCON audibly enhanced the recorded sound. The frequency spectrum presents itself well-balanced, clear and brilliant. The stereo image is excellent. A directly recorded Sax sounds already perfect. The sound quality finally convinced him, to use the UCON for his studio parts in the currently produced FAR EAST Bands solo album. "

He also likes the compact size, allowing the transport of the handy device directly inside his notebook bag.

Studio and rehearsal work: With the end of the live tour in 2005 the UCON works in Andreas Wendlands home studio and in continuous band rehearsals. Andreas records a guitar track directly from the amp, via the UCON converters in the studio software or a drumkit with four or eight microphons.

A usual field of application is the recording of complete band rehearsal sessions. Having the recorded tracks immediately burned to CD for the other band members allows a very effective band team work.

So far Andreas Wendland was satisfied with the number of UCONs analog I/Os, but he thinks, the eight digital I/Os were a very attractive option for the future...

Andreas Wendland und Gentleman Andreas Wendland and Gentleman Gentleman Technic inspection
Gentleman Gentleman Gentleman
Gentleman and FAR EAST BAND concerts are outstanding events.
Gentleman - an outstanding artist

Gentleman - the only german artist, winning acceptance in the motherland of Reggae, needs no introduction. After years of growing success, his authentic reggae has established itself as a substantial part of the German and international charts.

The current album - "Confidence" - excellent produced, pretentious roots reggae with heart and soul, not only climbed to number one in the German CD charts, but reached multi platinum. In april 2005 Gentleman won the ECHO for the most succesful German artist. In october he also received the COMET in the royal class: "Best Artist ".

Gentleman Website: www.journeytojah.de

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